Thursday, May 13, 2010

Welcome to the Hearthstone Manor Residents Blog

My husband and I bought a villa at Hearthstone in March of 2007 as a weekend get away from the rat race of the Baltimore / Washington metro area.  This year we moved here full time and love it. 

I am a community advocate and frequent user of social media.  At the request of Country Life Homes, I have created a Facebook Page for the residents and by the residents as a way for us to keep informed, build a safe, peaceful and active community.

The Facebook Page and Blog will contain Hearthstone Events as well as surrounding events for the residents of Hearthstone Manor.  We will feature residents' businesses, hobbies, special talents, pets, kids, and other organizations that could be helpful or useful to the residents of Hearthstone Manor.  If you have a business to share, email me at with copy and jpegs of what you would like to feature.

Please feel free to leave comments for ideas and suggestions on how the residents of Hearthstone can share information, coordinate events and live peacefully together in this awesome community on the DelMarVA.

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