Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Safety Tips

In an effort to prepare for a safe Halloween, here are some safety tips for parents and children:

• Encourage children to trick-or-treat before dark. After dark, an adult chaperone should carry a flashlight and choose well-lighted streets.

• Wear costumes that are short, snug and flame retardant. Flowing sleeves, capes and skirts can cause children to trip and can catch fire if they brush against candle flames. Also be sure to wear light colors or reflective tape.

• Avoid masks that can obstruct vision. Use face paint instead or make sure mask eye holes are wide enough.

• Discourage the use of fake knives, guns and swords, as they may result in aggressive behavior. If these types of props are used, be sure they are made of flexible materials such as foam or rubber.

• Stay in groups while trick-or-treating and make sure young children always are accompanied by adults.

• Teach children that they should NEVER go into a stranger’s home or car.

• Eat dinner before trick-or-treating to prevent the urge to eat treats before they have been inspected by parents. Never eat treats that have been opened.

• Leave porch or other outside lights on to make clear that trick-or-treaters are welcome.

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